Alleged thief charged

THE OFFICE of the City Prosecutor has indicted a man for allegedly stealing valuables in Dansai, Bago Aplaya, Talomo District on Aug. 8.

Prosecutor Serafica Weis charged Jonathan Fervy Canillo for theft based on the complainant filed by Selvestre Sergs Francia.

Francia, in his affidavit, claimed that he saw a man standing at the dimly portion of his house. When he entered his house he noticed that his bag and cellular phone were missing.

Francia immediately went outside to chase the person and saw his neighbors mauling the respondent who was in possession of his valuables. During his arrest, the police also recovered two bullets from his possession.

Investigating prosecutor Rizalyn Gonzalez recommended to charge the respondent considering the “positive identification of respondent as the very person who was caught standing near the complainant’s window and and was likewise caught in possession of pack bag and cellular phone immediately prior to his arrest.

Initially, Canillo was also sued for violation of Republic Act 10591 (Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunition) but was dismissed. Gonzalez said that evidence submitted is insufficient in finding probable cause.

“There is just no evidence showing that the bullets recovered have undergone an examination, for the purpose of determining if it has all the essential vital components of an ammunition. The complaint does not contain any finding or certification issued by any government agency concerning the nature of the said bullet,” Gonzalez said.

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