Airbag in your jacket

AN AIRBAG in your jacket. Airbags are usually safety features of cars.  But for a motorcycle rider, a wearable airbag complements the safety helmet. With over 16,000 motorcycle accidents a year in the Philippines, safety should be a primary consideration of riders. This photo shows a motorcycle rider demonstrating how the Hit Air Protector Airbag Jacket that protects the neck and the body when thrown off the motorcycle. While the helmet protects the head, the Airbag Jacket absorbs the impact to the neck and body. Masakatsu Takatsuka, Hit Air product consultant, says the Hit Air airbag jacket specifically inflates around the rider’s neck and body. This definitely provides protection from potentially fatal injuries to sensitive parts of the body other than the head. The airbag  jacket is now available at the RDAK Transport Equipment Inc. showroom at A.S.Fortuna Street in Mandaue City.


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