Agriculture dev’t as a way to achieve peace in Paquibato

Achieving lasting peace in Paquibato District requires building strong agricultural institutions to lift communities out of poverty, a councilor said.

Councilor Marissa P. Abella, committee chair on agriculture and food, said that improving the lives of residents through agriculture will make them less vulnerable to recruitment by the New People’s Army.

“Hopefully, peace will be attained,” Abella added.

With this, local government has designed a Strategic Plan for Agri-Tourism dubbed the Paquibato Economic Advancement through Crops Expansion (Peace), Inc.

Peace Inc. aims to establish an umbrella corporation of all agricultural cooperatives and provide technical and funding assistance to them with particularly focus on cacao, coconut, abaca, banana, and livestock.

According to Abella, there are five existing agricultural cooperatives and 14 more are still on the process of getting the permit. Eight of these are indigenous people’s agricultural cooperatives.

The city councilor said they were able to source out 200 hectares for the two cooperatives to develop world=class cacao products. She added a Taiwanese investor is planning to capitalize on goat-raising meant to supply the Japanese market.

Meanwhile, Abella also said that Mayor Sara Duterte is promoting backyard gardening, poultry, and hog-raising for improved augmentation and reduce food budget in the household.

On May 10, the city government has launched the Peace 911 at the Paquibato Elementary School.

The Peace 911, a comprehensive peace building program for Paquibato District, was crafted after months of consultations and meetings between members of the communities and the Davao City Davao City Advisory Committee on Peace and Development (DC-Peace Dev).


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