Agency workers at AdDU hit alleged union busting

AROUND 100 utility and clerical workers of the Ateneo de Davao University protested the alleged abrupt change of manpower agencies employed by the institution.

 A labor group, meanwhile, questioned the timing of the change in manpower agencies as the employees of the current agency Blue Collar was scheduled to hold yesterday, Wednesday, its election conference inside the AdDU campus along Roxas avenue.

 Associated Labor Unions representative Sofriano Mataro, in an interview, said the move was questionable since it was not the school for which the worker’s union was established.

 Mataro said the union was being registered under the Department of Labor and Employment and scheduled to hold the elections this week.

 However, the university reportedly ended the contract of the employees last Oct. 15, with Blue Collar employees still associated with the agency no longer allowed to enter the premises as workers.

 Some have signed contracts with one of the two new agencies being employed by the university. In a statement, AdDU said they were being “linked” into the conflict between the employees and Blue Collar.

 The university now employes JARC Manpower and Allied Services for its Jacinto Campus and Bangkal Manpower and Industrial Services Corporation for employees deployed in both campuses.

 “It is inappropriate to claim that the Ateneo is involved in this controversy. Ateneo’s contract, which has long expired, lies with the agency and not with the Blue Collar personnel who are under Blue Collar management,” the AdDU statement said.

 “Parties are free to enter and rescind contracts when conditions are no longer favorable to them. This should not be seen as an affront to the personnel of Blue Collar who ought to air their grievances against their employer.”

 “The University empathizes with them, but it reiterates its stand that these personnel are employees of Blue Collar Manpower Services,” the university said.

 The change of contracts affected at least 300 employees, comprising janitorial, plumber, clerical, electrical, messengerial, and other service contractors from both Matina and Jacinto campuses. The affected employees held a short program outside the Roxas gate of the university and appealed to the AdDU management to reconsider the offer.

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