Abstract of Happiness

Celebrating positivity through art

It was serendipity that local artist Alex Alagon and visiting Munich-based Dabawenya Edna Ullman met at the Museo Dabawenyo last June. Alex was in another room where a group of artists had their exhibit while Edna was in the Peace Room at the museum for the opening of her first solo exhibit in Davao City.They were introduced by a mutual friend and after sharing some highlights of their lives – how they emerged from darkness to incredible light – both decided to collaborate on a back to back exhibit that celebrates happiness.

“Abstract of Happiness” was done in record time, the inspiration too great to be ignored. Happiness, after all, cannot be contained as it springs free from a joyful and thankful heart. It is the triumph of goodness and love over the adversities of life. They both worked on 10 paintings that portrayed their own personal visual rendition of happiness.

Alex, who has made it his mission to help other artists and mentor budding ones, worked on defining happiness we feel day to day, exploring abstract art as his medium this time. For instance, on his painting number 9, he shared that “Happiness is having the assurance that there will always be food on our table, shelter above our heads and our love ones in our embrace.”

Happiness is indeed something that answers the physical and the metaphysical needs of man. It is finding the contentment deep in our hearts in a world ravaged by greed.

Edna has exhibited at Leopoldstrafe in Munich, Germany, St. Tropez, France and KunstSalon, Bad Tolz, Germany. She professes that she could not have made her painting by herself. It is through the guidance of angels that she creates her oeuvre which she does using her bare hands.

Her aura of happiness is infectious and just looking at her can make one smile. She very candidly talks about the phase in her life when she “died” because she felt unloved and unappreciated despite the sacrifices she has done for her family. This episode is long gone, with the help of friends who showed her the light, so she now dedicates her life to positive consciousness and touching lives of people through art healing.

In a previous interview with Mindanao Times lifestyle artist Marilyn Roque, she said “I paint with a brush or with my bare hands. Abstract art allows me to express myself – no words, just my emotions flowing through my strokes. Each piece is a message to the viewer that no matter what the circumstances, we must find happiness and contentment in life.”

Edna will be going home to Germany next week and she pledged to maintain contact with her new found friends and find ways to collaborate with them in the future.

Artists from other groups attended the exhibit and even if there was a slight quake, the program went on without a hitch.

The program had a very competent emcee, Anton Lagda and the food was catered by visual artist Trixie Borja Borbón. The exhibit will run until July 10 at the Ground Floor, Corporate Center of Abreeza Ayala Malls.

Thanks Alex Alagon for the photos.


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