Abattoir, meat laboratory eyed

THE CITY government is planning to establish a “export-grade” slaughterhouse and a livestock laboratory to ensure that the meat that the city is producing meet international standards.

Councilor Marissa Salvador- Abella, city council chair for the committee on food and agriculture, said she has met with representatives of the livestock industry who urged her to find ways for the establishment of a slaughterhouse and a laboratory that could verify export-grade meat.

“I will have to take this up at the city council, but they have assured me that if ever we go into exportation, there won’t be a shortage for local consumption,” said Abella.

Currently, the Ma-a slaughterhouse is only producing “double A” quality meat products.

The issue on abattoir and laboratory will be among the issues that will be up for discussion in the upcoming Davao Trade Expo in September, she said.

The plan for a major export-quality slaughterhouse and laboratory also needs to pass the scrutiny of the City Veterinarian’s Office. Abella said she will meet with officials of the agency.

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