A must for candidates

THIS is not an endorsement of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s candidacy, but if all other candidates can do what he just did – visit the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) camp to explain his vision if he gets elected- it would have provided a good venue to know their platforms for the Moro people.

Duterte, on Saturday, went to Camp Darapanan in Maguindanao to meet with leaders of the MILF and explain to them what he would do, as a leader of this country, in order to help settle the decades-old conflict that has resulted in so many lives lost.

Duterte’s visit is very important especially now that the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), the instrument that is supposed to pave the way for settling the injustices committed to the Moro people, has been placed in the backburner.

The presidential candidates, including the so-called follower of the footsteps of President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, has yet to make an announcement as to what he, in case by the stroke of luck, wins the derby.

Mr. Aquino, even with his shortcomings and missteps, has been among the few leaders of this country who have pushed for the settlement of the issue.  He may have not succeeded in shepherding Congress to pass the BBL (or may have worked against it), but he has shown efforts to achieve the goal

The next leader of this country must not only look at the traffic that has hounded Metro Manila, but he or she must establish an all-inclusive program if she wants to make a dent on the lives of the people, not just on those living in the metro.

And one aspect of that program should be the addressing of the issues concerning the Moro people and the other rebel group, the New People’s Army. Because no amount of investments can help the country progress into the next status of development if their concerns are not addressed.

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