A comprehensive probe

The death of a supposed hostage-taker last week prompted Police City Director Alexander Tagum to call for an in-depth investigation about the incident as the family of the suspect, who was killed after members of the Special Weapon and Tactics shot him, could not believe the accusation against him.

Relatives of Harland Garvida said investigators must look into the incident as they did not believe he went to a posh subdivision in Ma-a only to hurt people. They also claimed that there was even no truth to the claim that he brought a knife with him that prompted them to shoot him as he tried to hurt the people at the house that he was visiting.

Based on the investigation report, Garvida was allegedly suffering from mental disorder when he visited a house in Ma-a and took hostage the people there.

The owner of the house claimed he got his gun, but the intruder grappled with him that resulted in the accidental shooting of the house help. The owner of the house was still able to call the police for help and it resulted in the shooting of the supposed hostage-taker.

There are still facts that investigators need to unearth because it is easier to jump into conclusion especially when a person being accused is dead because he can never defend himself from any accusation hurled against him.

Also, there is a need to look at the action of the SWAT team members because, as always, authorities must always value human life, rather than taking the easiest route by killing a supposed suspect.

The incident must become the lesson for them as they hone their skills in confronting similar situations in the future.

There have been countless incidents similar to this and most of the time, law enforcers would use excessive force even when not needed.

They must remember that human life is always precious no matter who the human is.

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