85 new Cafgu training grads to report to TFD next week

EIGHTY-FIVE members of the Cafgu Active Auxilliary II (CAA II), formerly called as SCAA, will serve as support force for the Task Force Davao after successfully completing the 45-day basic military training starting on April 28.

They will be deployed in downtown areas of the city to complement the patrols by the army and police.

The cafgus will receive from the City government in an amount of P7, 400 as a monthly salary.

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio, in her speech yesterday as the guest of honor and speaker during the graduation ceremony of the CAA II of the Task Force Davao at Sta. Ana wharf, spoke about the important role of the civilian volunteers in securing the city.

“Everybody has a role,” she told the graduates in her speech during a simple ceremony. “Your role is to stand in the sun and rain, sometimes go hungry or lose sleep because you chose to serve the government by joining the Task Force Davao.”

But she said it’s a job that’s necessary so “the kids could go to school peacefully, those in the bank can work peacefully, and business will boom.”

In a separate interview, Col. Erwin Bernard Neri, the task force Davao commander, said the new cafgus will be deployed in the city next week. The Task Force Davao already has 280 Cafgus.

“They will be divided,” he said. “Some of them will conduct checkpoints, others will conduct area security. Mostly will be deployed into the entry and exit points of the city.”

Neri said the new graduates will serve as replacement for those Cafgu members last year who were enlisted in the Philippine Army.

In the latest batch of trainees, half of them are high school graduates and around 20% have reached college. Another 10% are actually college graduates.

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