6-foot-croc swimming in flood turned over to park

THE CENTRAL 911′s Animal Control Unit turned over a saltwater crocodile to the Crocodile Park facility after the reptile was caught swimming in floodwaters in Km. 12, Catalunan Pequeno, Tuesday night.

Ana Borja, parks operations director at Crocodile Park, said in an interview that the 5-foot-9 reptile was turned over Wednesday morning by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


Personnel from Central 911 received the crocodile from residents who caught the animal during heavy rains Tuesday night.

Borja, meanwhile, said it was possible that the crocodile was kept as a pet by a collector.

The crocodile, a Crocodylus porosus, was unlike the species endemic in Mindanao, the Crocodylus mindorensis or the Philippine Crocodile, Borja said.

Borja also ruled out that the animal came from the park facilities, as the croc had no “scute marks” or marks that park personnel place on animals to monitor them.

According to Borja, it is illegal to own animals such as the saltwater crocs under the Republic Act 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.

During the Kadayawan Festival, bystanders also worked together Bayanihan-style to catch a stray python along Sta. Ana Avenue. The event was also viral on social media.

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