450 traffic offenders nabbed on first day

OVER 450 violators were arrested yesterday, the first day of the intensified implementation of the Comprehensive Traffic Code against street offenders.

 Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) chief Dionisio Abude said they recorded 453 arrests – 293 pedestrians and 160 drivers.

 Most of those rounded up were at the downtown’s main streets such as San Pedro, Ilustre, CM Recto (Claveria) and A. Pichon (Magallanes).

 The CTTMO started the intensified implementation of the street ordinances, particularly on jaywalking, following months of massive campaign.

 The City Transport and Traffic Management Board (CTTMB) recently authorized the apprehension and issuance of citation tickets to the apprehended violators.

 Jaywalking offenders will be fined P100.

 The apprehended pedestrian, commuter or driver has one week to pay the fine at the City Treasurer’s Office. If he or she can’t afford to pay the fine, he or she can opt to do community service.

 Further, if the violator will not pay the fine during the seven-day period, an additional P500 is imposed as non-appearance fee aside from the 10 percent surcharge per day of delay.

 Previously, those apprehended violators only underwent a traffic orientation, with no penalty imposed because there was no printed citation ticket yet.

 The local traffic board included three different kinds of violation in the jaywalking ordinance.

 These include pedestrians who do not use pedestrian lanes or overpasses; pedestrians who pass the crosswalk while the traffic light is red (stop); and commuters of public utility jeepneys (PUJs) and other vehicles who do not wait for the vehicles to properly stop at the designated loading and unloading areas.

 Drivers of PUJs who also drop off or load passengers outside the designated loading and unloading zones will also be fined P200.

 Over the weekend, the CTTMO painted streets in the downtown area designated as yellow boxes, or the loading and unloading zones.

 Railings are also installed in the streets and avenues with center islands – from Matina to Agdao – to prevent pedestrians from crossing anywhere.

 Speaking at Monday’s flag ceremony, CTTMO chief Dionisio Abude asked the public to simply follow the law.

 “We have conducted many information campaigns for this,” Abude said adding that discipline should be instilled among Davaoeños.

 Sidewalk vendors outside the one-third-two-third rule will also be fined.

 Violators may pay at the City Treasurer’s Office’s district collection areas, or at 24-hour window such as the one at the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (DCOTT) and at the city’s slaughterhouse.

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