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City Hall to install elevators for PWDs

City Hall plans to build elevators in the building to cater to employees and DavaoeƱos with special needs.

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2 NPA rebels bring rifles in surrender

Another two members of the New People’s Army surrendered to the 8th Infantry Battalion last Friday, July 13. 1Lt. Tere Ingente, the spokesperson of 4th Infantry Division, identified one of the surrenderees as alias Sander, 20, and a member of

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Editorial | Be wary of the consequences

The city government is setting up machines that will disperse condoms at the two comfort rooms of the city council in its effort to help curb the increase in sexually-transmitted diseases. In explaining the move, Jeffrey Fuentes, head of the

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Egalitarian | We will win

With the question of how we change the constitution, the public is saddled with the option of having no election to give way for the charter change to implement federalism, or to delay the implementation of federalism by facilitating first

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Honoring My Mother | Today’s specials

Just recently, my old friend invited me to a beautifully offbeat cafe outside the city that offered rare farm-to-table fare. This was after I twice refused her invitation until I finally thought, where could my sense of adventure have gone?

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Sukuk Bonds proposed for Mindanao programs

The Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) is proposing for the tapping of Sukuk Bonds, bonds that comply with Islamic laws, to fund key programs of the government, especially those to be implemented in Mindanao.

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Scene City | Christian Villa-Abrille Cipriano: The boy with a heart for charity

ONLY 18 years old, Christian Villa-Abrille Cipriano is an only child of Gaetano Cipriano, an Italian-American, and Christine Mae Villa-Abrille, who traces her roots in Davao City, Philippines.

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Wanderlust | Transformation of Putrajaya

BEYOND the steel and concrete government edifices and the wide, landscaped avenues, Putrajaya is also a nature park teeming with birds, both migratory and endemic, indigenous plants and trees, and home to a thriving wetland. Who knew?

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Editorial | Intensify the cleansing

THERE was a news report that came out over the weekend about the involvement of eight members of the anti-illegal drug enforcement unit of the Muntinlupa City police in a kidnap-for-ransom case.

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‘Field hospital’ set up for city-wide earthquake drill

FOR the first time, the Davao City Risk Reduction Management Office (DCRRMO) will put up a “field hospital” for the city-wide shakeout drill on July 27 where the “injured” will be placed and treated.

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