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DCPO deploys 497 police volunteers

CLOSE to 500 new police volunteers of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) have already been deployed to the city’s 12 police precincts.

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City to give P4.25 million to flood-hit areas in Luzon

THE CITY COUNCIL yesterday approved an ordinance to give P4.25 million to residents affected by floods in Luzon.

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Scene City | NCCC Supermarket launches #Roadto40 Campaign

NCCC Supermarket celebrates its 40th year as a leading retail company in Mindanao and offers lots of surprises for loyal shoppers and patrons. On its Ruby Year, it carries the theme “40 Years of service from the heart.”

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Wanderlust | Not your usual airport hotel

Remember the Tom Hanks film “The Terminal” where he played a European tourist who arrived at JFK Airport in New York in the midst of a political turmoil in his country and was forced to stay in the airport since

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Plain and simple | Grow where you’re planted

A few months back I visited New Corella one of the towns of Davnor. I accompanied a friend who hails from there.

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Rough Cuts | Maneuver ‘par excellence’

Top news caption says, CPP: Intensify fight vs. ‘U.S.-Duterte regime’ Really? After all the President’s open attacks against the United States and its policies towards the Philippines the Communist insurgents still think the present leadership is lovey-dovey with Uncle Sam?

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Editorial | Haunted by undernutrition

Nutrition indicators show that we lag behind most of our neighboring countries in the ASEAN region and, sad to say, even when compared to developing countries in Africa.

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Irrigation projects fewer in Mindanao

The Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) has reported that although Mindanao has cornered about 40% of the total fund for infrastructure sub-projects, most projects are in roads, bridges as there are fewer irrigation projects.

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Village requests 2 water pumps

The Barangay Council of Waan has issued a resolution requesting for two pumps for two small areas, asking that the city council fund these facilities.

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Sara still mum on role vs Bebot

Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio has remained silent on her alleged role in the ouster of Davao del Norte Rep. Pantalon Alvarez from the Speakership.

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