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SCENE CITY | Preschoolers graduate while parents swell with joy and pride

In tiny caps and gowns, parents watched their once-upon-a-time toddlers march up the stage as Stockbridge American International School held its culminating program with the theme, “Step Right Up to a Wonderful Ride!” marking a very important event in the

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EGALITARIAN | At the end of the Indigenous Peoples Summit

THE IP SUMMIT which was initiated by the Office of the Cabinet Secretary ended with a very beautiful spectacle. MinDA Chairman, Sec. Datu Abul Khayr Alonto expressed deep joy for seeing the Lumads converging together to discuss concerns that affect them

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PLAIN AND SIMPLE | Traffic is here

It seems heavy traffic is going to be the norm in Davao City.  Traffic is suffocating us.  For taxi riders, it means double their fare to wherever they are going. Commuters have to contend with longer time to reach their

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NUNOT SA ALISNGAW SA KAPE | Isyu ni Digong sa Gino-o gihisgutan pud sa Saudi

Lu-ag ang akong oras kagahapon sa buntag. Gumikan ani sayo ko nga nag-abli sa akong computer aron susihon kon naa ko mga e-mail nga ning-abot.

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Editorial | Prosperity consciousness

“Prosperity is a way of living and thinking and not just having money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking and not just a lack of money and things.” – Eric Butterworth, author of motivational books and

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20 nabbed in Oplan Kalinaw

TWENTY individuals, mostly with pending arrest warrants, were apprehended by the authorities as the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) continued its Oplan Kalinaw Thursday morning. Operatives also checked and profiled 1,009 persons, including 126 residents who don’t have any identification

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Drug/theft suspect killed in bust

ALLEGED drug and theft suspect was killed in a shootout with agents of San Pedro Police Precinct in Bankerohan, Barangay 5-A around 1:10 a.m. yesterday.

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WANDERLUST | Stunning landscapes, colorful festival and unlimited lechon in Kapatagan

It seems that the universe conspired to have us in the right place at the right time even though we were there for a totally different reason.

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Teams Black, Yellow get win no. 2 in D’Forty’s hoop

Defending champion team Black and Yellow bagged second wins after beating separate foes Thursday night in the ongoing 2018 D’Forty’s basketball tournament played at the Everball Gym and Recreation Center.

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Political Islam won the Turkeys presidential election

POLITICAL Islam made history again on Sunday evening by winning a landslide victory in the first round of Turkey’s June 24 presidential election.

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