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Mitsubishi Mirage, one million pesos are 30th GET Open hole-in-one prize

A BRAND new Mitsubishi Mirage G4 sedan and one million pesos cash will be at stake as the hole-in-one prizes in the coming 30th Guillermo E. Torres (GET) Open golf tournament set to tee off this June 10 at the

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Sara, Alejo head winners cast in RPVGCC jungolf

PROMISING youth parbusters Zeus Sara and Paolo Alejo head the list of winners at the close of the first Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club Summer Jungolf tournament played last May 23 at its all-weather course in nearby, Indangan,

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Cultural Potpourri | SM Lanang Premier Celebrates 60 #AweSM

SM Lanang Premier merrily launched the 60th anniversary celebration of SM with its series of visual attractions and interactive activities for its loyal clients starting last fine Friday, the 25th of May, 2018.

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Freeze | Kenneth Von Villa: B & W Artist

KENNETH Von Brandino Villa is a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology graduate from the University of Mindanao Tagum College. He loves expressing his emotions through black and white art using any medium but usually immerses in charcoal dry brush

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Editorial | Unity for development

THERE is a need for both the local government units and the business sector to strengthen their cooperation not only to ensure that economic growth in their respective areas will be maintained, but also because this will result in the

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Rough Cuts | One responsible corporate citizen

IF THERE is anything that would bring us to the realm of nostalgia it is when we read or hear something that will remind us of our previous work as implementer of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of the

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Honoring My Mother | Oz Oy Oy all over again

MY FAMILY was at SM over the weekend to attend the culmination activity of Philippine-Australia Friendship Day and for a while, it felt like a nostalgic flashback moment.

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Timesman | More bad eggs

THE PRESIDENT made an admission in Cebu City when he said: “Basig unsaon nimo katarong, kung naa na sa puesto maghalhal na…oportunidad na manguarta.

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Egalitarian | Competitiveness and the satisfaction on the public

THE SYSTEMATIC monitoring of the Department of Trade and Industry of the competitiveness of the country gained traction in both international and in-country’s rankings.

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Proposed township to have a school, say top officials

A SCHOOL and a property developer have joined forces in the setting up of a modern township which will have a school that will start operations in June 2019.

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