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Plain and Simple | The murals around City High

I have long wish that our local artists would do a mural unique to us in Davao City. Murals are pieces of art that attract and define a community and its people.

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Guest Editorial | Reclaiming the value of journalism

This year marks the 54th anniversary of the Philippine Press Institute (PPI), also known as the national association of newspapers.

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Rough Cuts | Endangering the Mindanao Railway System project

When some people in government see opportunity to tunnel a gold mine in certain big ticket projects, they start creating intrigues and pushing each other to gain vantage position to the perceived portal of the mine shaft.

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Permits crushed

The City Council on Tuesday quashed the motion for application for allowable use of five sand and gravel quarry and earthfill quarries through nominal voting, a move that could lead to an amendment of the local zoning ordinance.


Marawi kids now fear airplanes | Mental health issues hit siege survivors

Mental health problems remain among the highest issues of residents who survived the months-long skirmishes between government troops and residents of Marawi City.


Cops arrest 2 of 3 robbers in 2 cases

Police have already arrested two of the three suspects tagged in two hold-up incidents that happened in Talomo District last weekend.


Editorial | The challenge of our times

How do you strike a balance between development and keeping the environment out of harm’s way? This dilemma was clearly manifested yesterday, when the city council failed to come to an agreement that would have allowed five applicants of quarry permits to operate.

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Teen NPA surrenders

A 19-year-old boy who claimed to be a member of the New People’s Army surrendered to the 67th Infantry Battalion in Cateel, Davao Oriental following the apprehension of Elizalde Canete, one of their top NPA leaders.

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Plain and Simple | Our right to vote

We vote because it is our basic right enshrined in our constitution. But do we have the right candidates whom our sacred votes are cast?

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Alcos, Memoracion add 2 more golds for Davao

Tanker Samuel John Alcos and trackster Diana Mae Memoracion stood tall at the winner’s podium to improve Davao City’s chances in the overall medal tally race in Tuesday’s 2018 POC-PSC Philippine National Games at the Cebu City Sports Complex, here.

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