2 traffic enforcers fired for using fake plates

TWO TRAFFIC enforcers were terminated from the service after they were found using fake plates as a netizen posted an image of the two riding in different motorcycle, both bearing the same plate number.

 Dionisio Abude, the head of the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO), terminated the contract of services of Pedro Pebria Jr. and Edwin Buendenida.

 Pebria was with city government for 16 years while Buendenida served the city for three years.

 A photo posted on the Davao City Public Forum at facebook.com on two traffic enforcers riding in separate motorcycle bearing the same plate number, BE 12916, became viral online.

 According to Abude, there was no longer any need for a disciplinary tribunal as the two admitted the violation.

 “That is tantamount to violation of their contract of services,” Abude said in a telephone interview.

 The two are facing charges for dishonesty, grave misconduct, and traffic rules and regulations, the CTTMO chief said.

 Right after receiving information on the alleged violation last Tuesday, the city government immediately sought explanation from the concerned parties to explain the situation within 24 hours.

 “They admitted that they did it,” Abude said.

 According to Abude, the incident was premeditated and both intended to violate the traffic laws.

 Pebria reportedly had custody of the original plate number, while Buendenida had the fake.

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