2 sued for going wild after getting drunk

A FISHERMAN and a construction worker are facing criminal complaint before the City Prosecution Office after they were arrested in Purok 14, Brgy. 76-A in Bucana on Sept 25.

Jeffrey Lemen, 31, of Purok 8, Bucana, Brgy. 76-A is sued for violation of Republic Act 7610 (Child Abuse), tresspassing and physical Injury; while Philip Banhosan, 44, of Paloma, Duterte Street was sued for violation of Republic Act 8485 (Animal Welfare Act), physical injury and frustrated homicide.

Lemen and Banhosan are now temporarily held in San Pedro Police Precinct while Prosecutor Faizal Padate is still resolving their case. They were charged based on the complaint filed by Egdardo Corben and his mother Susan C. Sabado.

Corben, in his affidavit, claimed that at 2:50 a.m. of Sept 25 he was drinking with neighbors when he went to Lemen and Banhosan, who were also drinking at that time, to ask their help as one of his neighbors is already drunk.

ButLemen got mad and scolded him. Lemen also choked him with his right hand and punched him in the stomach several times.

Corben ran towards their house but Banhosan struck him with a rock.

After a few minutes, Lemen and Banhosan barged into their house armed with a bolo. Sabado and his other son Nonilon C. Sabado, 17, were the only person in their house because Corben was rushed to Southern Philippines Medical Center.

The younger Sabado, then, had a fist fight with Lemen which prompted his mother to interfere but she was choked by Banhosan.

Banhosan also tried to stab the younger Sabado but he escaped. Then, Banhosan also hacked their dog who kept on barking at them.

After the attack, Leman and Banhosan were arrested by the responding police.

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