2 resorts, tour guides to benefit from program

WORKERS of two resorts and a tour guide company in the region are expected to enhance their skills as they benefit from the the skills program of Department of Tourism (DOT).

 In a briefer, the DOT is implementing tourism industry skills program (TISP) to train 124 workers from Leticia by the Sea, 85 from Eden Mountain Resort Inc. and 50 from Guide Union and Eco-Tours Destination.

 The agency allocated P100 million for the implementation of the program nationwide, which targeted to cover 40,000 trainees for one year.

 “We will still keep on investing on the people,” said Tourism Undersecretary Alma Rita D. Jimenez yesterday at the signing of memorandum of agreement at Marco Polo Davao Hotel. Backed in 2014, the program was administered by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and funded by the Canadian government.

 Jimenez said the program aims to improve the competitiveness of the tourism industry stakeholders. By investing on the workforce, she said they would know how to meet customer satisfaction and services standards.

 The program, she said, will also help boost employment in the tourism sector and improve income opportunities.

 “Once they are capacitated, they will be employable,” Jimenez said.

 DOT said in a statement that TISP is a special project that “aims to conduct various human capability trainings for the industry stakeholders all over the country. It envisioned to address the concerns of the Philippine Tourism Human Resources Development Plan.”

 Among the trainings that would be provided to the trainees include foreign language course, customer service training, basic first aid and life support and system repair and maintenance training like carpentry, plumbing and electrical installation and maintenance.

 The trainees in Leticia by the Sea, for instance, will also have an open diving course.

 Maria Rica C. Bueno, director of Office of Tourism Standards and Regulations under DOT, said they decided to implement anew the program upon noting the success of the project before that was administered by ADB and funded by the Canadian government,

 They, Bueno said, observed that there is a boost on the sales of the tourism enterprises. “The business enterprises showed certain profitability,” she said, as they continued to monitor the enterprise-beneficiaries every three months.

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